Paper Submission

All authors whose abstracts have been accepted for Chalk 2018 have been notified, inviting them to submit a paper or poster.

Paper submission for Chalk 2018 is now open, for both papers and poster submissions. Papers and posters must be submitted via the form on the right hand side of this page. Please note, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10 MB. Papers should be submitted as MS Word files, there is no requirement to submit a PDF copy.

All submissions will be peer reviewed at each step including the first draft and final paper submissions. At least one author from each accepted final paper must register for the conference prior to publication.

Proceedings will be published as a formal proceedings, which will form a substantial reference document for engineering in Chalk.

Submissions will close on 30 November 2017, all papers and poster must be submitted by that date.

Instructions to Submitting Authors

  1. The authors must identify whether the submission is for a paper or poster.
  2. A paper must be submitted using the Chalk 2018 MS word template, which can be downloaded from this page.
  3. A poster must be submitted using the Chalk 2018 template, which will shortly be downloadable from this page.
  4. The authors should identify which of the conference Technical Themes are relevant to the submission. A main Technical Theme and two subsidiary themes should be identified.
  5. Authors should follow the instructions for authors, which are included in the templates. Papers are limited to 6 pages. It is important that the authors follow the instructions and fit within the 6 page limit. Papers which do not meet these requirements will be rejected.
  6. At the time of paper submission, authors must also sign and submit the Chalk 2018 copyright form, which will shortly be downloadable from this page.


By submitting a paper, the authors accept the following terms of copyright:

  1. The copyright of the papers shall be vested in the paper authors,
  2. The Proceedings Publisher has the sole and exclusive right and license to produce and publish in both conventional and electronic formats themselves and further to license the Proceedings for sale in all languages in the United Kingdom and throughout the world for the legal term of the copyright;
  3. After 12 months from the date of the conference, the BGA has the right to make the papers available to BGA members via the BGA website; and
  4. After 12 months from the date of the conference the BGA has the right to make the papers available via an Open Access arrangement.

A copyright agreement form will be later provided to authors and must be submitted at the time of acceptance of revised papers.


Instructions to authors can be downloaded here

Paper templates can be downloaded here


The conference does not have a formal format for posters, but an example template (in powerpoint format) can be downloaded here. However, the conference will consider any format or style that is clear and intelligible when presented at poster size. The maximum poster size will be confirmed shortly.

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